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Lofty Llama has seen an incredible uptick in customers and engagement over the last three (3) months and ever since our V3 golf polos dropped, we have been unable to keep our polos in stock.

This is a good and bad problem to have as a small business. For one, we are thrilled that the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. We added a review application onto our store and have received 92 reviews so far and have an average rating of 4.9 starts!

The general theme from the feedback is that customers love our quality and price as well as our designs. When we launched Lofty Llama in 2020, our focus was specifically on bringing fun, comfortable golf polos to market at affordable prices — and it feels like we've been able to accomplish this!

The bad news about being so busy is that it has been really difficult for us to manage inventory and keep our stock available for customers. We added a new plugin to allow customers to follow restocking of styles/sizes and we are considering the best way forward with regard to restocking old designs and launching new ones.

For now, we're going to continue doing small runs of old designs while also introducing new styles. This was the method we used with our Version 4 (V4) drop which started the first week of June with our 4th of July (American Eagle) pattern appropriately titled "Fore Freedom" that we created for Independence Day. We quickly sold through 80% of that stock in the first few weeks and launched two (2) new V4 polos right around the holiday — That 70's Shirt and Spaced Out.

Our 4th major drop (V4) was our largest order to date in response to the increasing demand for some of our sold out designs. We have also begun testing some small modifications to our golf polos emphasizing quality and comfort.

That 70's Shirt features a 2-button placket while our traditional golf polo has 3-button. We believe a more streamlined placket offers our customers a more form-fitting polo without compromising the breathability or fabric.

The initial response from customers who have ordered the 2-button style has been really positive. So much so, that our V5 line will include more 2-button styles and may ultimately move that direction entirely. If you have any feedback with this regard, please email us at

So V4 has officially dropped and along with those three (3) design: Fore FreedomThat 70's Shirt and Spaced Out, we have also added another four (4) golf polos: 

We hope that you will continue supporting our business and reach out with any ideas, feedback, criticisms, or more!