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Lofty Llama is a golf polo company started by two childhood friends — Derek and Mike. Our mission is to provide golfers with affordable, fashionable, comfortable, and fun golf apparel.

 This is obviously not a new idea, and many other companies are doing awesome work in this space already — shoutout Bill Murray, Bad Birdie, Puma, etc.

Unlike these other golf polo brands, we wanted to make our polos as comparable style and quality wise, while also making them more affordable. We want everyone who loves golf or awesome polos to have an option when they are looking for their next shirt.

We started vetting vendors at the end of 2019 and officially founded the business in 2020 (not the smartest timing — we know), but Lofty Llama is committed to improving day in and day out. We launched our first polo line of 4 styles in November with the goal of dropping new designs every quarter. Not only will we continue to push the envelope with fun and creative designs, but we will continue to improve our product.

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