Free Shipping When You Buy 3+ Polos!

We just hit our 1-year mark as a golf polo business (November 20, 2021). What started out as a crazy side-project last year with two guys has turned into a full-fledged golf polo business.

We're not quite ready to quit our day jobs for Lofty, but we're making huge strides as a golf apparel brand, and we're starting to gain recognition within the industry. 

Over the last 12 months on our website and Amazon store we have sold over 1,100 golf polos from our V1 and V2 collection. This is more than we ever anticipated and a huge testament to our customers who are looking for affordable and fun golf polos.

While we are still not perfect, we are continuing to focus on our mission: to provide golfers with affordable, fashionable, comfortable, and fun golf apparel.

We continued to listen to the feedback from our customers who continue to rave about the soft and flexible fabric. So, we didn't change the material.

We're also continuing to find ways to provide more value to our customers through lower prices, so we have again dropped our price from $44.99 to $39.99 for the new release to make trying us a no-brainer!

We are going to constantly work to give you new and fresh designs at a margin of what our competitors charge. We want you to have no reason not to rock Lofty Llama over the other golf polos on the market.

For our launch, we are dropping 2 new polos everyday through the first week culminating with the final drop on Black Friday. Whether you want to have fun with our Hot Dogs at the Turn polo or get a Christmas golf polo with our South Beach Christmas design, we have something for everyone!

We hope that you will continue following Lofty Llama as we grow, and we truly need our community to help us if we want to build this into something special!