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Well, well, well, strap on your golf shoes and listen up, my dear golfing aficionados.

Remember the old garage-based dream team, Mike and Derek? Yes, the dynamic duo that brought Lofty Llama to life. A mere three years ago, the vision was simple: craft the finest, quirkiest golf polos without ripping a hole in your wallet.

The "big brand" life wasn't for us; we ran on pure passion, determination, and the undying support little llama family. No flashy ads, no skyscraper offices, just top-quality polos and endless rounds of golf.

Now, it's time to tee up the next shot for Lofty Llama.

After digging deep into customer feedback, sampling with new partners, and innovating in ways we hadn't imagined — we decided to make some subtle changes that focus on style and branding.

Enter: V6.

This isn't just another polo; it's a testament to our evolution. For those who desired a modern, sleeker fit — we heard you! Teaming up with a fresh manufacturer, we're unveiling a revamped cut that boasts both comfort and style. The embroidered llama? It's found a new home on the bottom left front seam, keeping things classy yet fun. The inside? Branded printing ensures comfort while echoing our unmistakable identity.

Packaging? Oh, we've upped the ante. Each polo now comes packed in a premium package, radiating professionalism and amplifying our brand essence.

But let's talk designs. Introducing the fresh-from-the-greens triad:

  • Bump and Rum – a tasty stroke of genius. 
  • DUSTIN – inspired by a legend.
  • Take Notes – because every swing tells a story.

Three classics that also get the V6 treatment:

  • It's Complicated – for the nuanced player.
  • Buc Around and Find Out – a touch of sass on the course.
  • Phin-High – elevating the game, one shot at a time.

To all our supporters, from seasoned pros to the weekend warriors, the V6 is our ode to you. Drive forth, make those putts, and let's keep the Lofty Llama legacy flying high.

    How Can You Help Lofty Llama?

    We genuinely want to grow Lofty Llama into a major golf brand that's completely fueled by our customers. That means we really need your help! If you like what we're doing and want to see us continue to come out with new and fun affordable golf polos, please:

    1. Buy one of our polos ;) 
    2. Spread the word to others (if we can avoid spending money on advertising, we can keep our prices down — word of mouth is the best way to do that!)
    3. Follow us on social @LoftyLlamaGolf