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Well.. it's been a while since we've had a new release and that's because a lot has been going on. Let's get you up to speed.

Lofty Llama is completely run by two partners (Mike and Derek) out of our garage. We started the company about two years ago as a side project to try and make the highest quality, fun golf polos we could at the lowest possible price for customers. We aren't some massive brand with crazy marketing budgets (we don't even run ads) — we rely on our customers for repeat orders and referrals which helps us keep our costs down. Apparently, people appreciate our mission because we've sold almost 10,000 polos since our launch!

We were approached a few months ago about possibly selling Lofty Llama and had discussions with the other company about the opportunity. What became pretty clear in the talks is that they would be raising prices substantially, which is not what we wanted with the brand. We ultimately decide to pass and continue forward on our own.

Getting noticed by other brands validated what we were doing, so we decided to double down and start looking at our next steps. This mostly involved trying to improve the quality of our polos even more without influencing the price — so, we went back to the drawing board and started looking at different partners. We collected feedback from our customers, tried working on those areas with samples, and really looked to hone in on a product that would blow people away without charging what our competitors do.

We believe we've done that. Our V5 polos have an improved collar, a more subtle embroidered logo, and a generally higher-end feel. So, check out our 3 latest designs and some restocking/updating of older designs.

  • Wild Thing
  • Spray 'N' Slay
  • Awesome Blossom 2.0
  • In the Shark Tank
  • Birdies of Paradise

How Can You Help Lofty Llama?

We genuinely want to grow Lofty Llama into a major golf brand that's completely fueled by our customers. That means we really need your help! If you like what we're doing and want to see us continue to come out with new and fun affordable golf polos, please:

  1. Buy one of our polos ;) 
  2. Spread the word to others (if we can avoid spending money on advertising, we can keep our prices down — word of mouth is the best way to do that!)
  3. Follow us on social @LoftyLlamaGolf