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Lofty Llama is an idea started by 2 childhood friends who wanted to provide average golfers with above average polos at affordable prices. We know there is a lot of competition in the golf polo space, and we hope to provide golfers with something different.

You're not just buying a cool design or comfortable golf polo, you are joining the Lofty Llama family. We don't want to build a golf polo brand, we want to build a fun and engaged community of golfers who can help Lofty Llama compete with the other big players in this industry!

The dream of Lofty Llama started one afternoon while Mike and I (Derek) were playing a round of golf. We always joked about starting companies in the past, but this time it felt real.

You see, Loudmouth Golf, Bad Birdie, Bill Murray, and other similar golf apparel brands have proven that there's a market for crazy, different golf apparel — and we felt that we could offer something different!

While these other golf polo companies are killing it and charging a premium for their golf polo shirts, We wanted to try bringing fresh, modern golf polos to everyone by offering it at a lower price point than the other big guys.

So the mission of Lofty Llama was born: to provide golfers with affordable, fashionable, comfortable, and fun golf apparel.

Little did we know, this would be a lot harder than we knew. We spent the next 8 months working on creative golf polo designs, communicating with manufacturers, building a brand, and developing their first version of the Lofty Llama golf polo. While there is still a long way to go, we can't wait to see what people think as we collect feedback and begin working on our V2 immediately.

We hope that you will continue following Lofty Llama as we grow, and we truly need our community to help us if we want to build this into something special!