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Independent Reviews of Lofty Llama Golf Polos vs Other Golf Polo Brands

We found golfers to objectively review and test Lofty Llama Golf Polos against some of the best golf polo brands in the industry. Below are the results of our independent golfers' polo reviews.

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1st: Bad Birdie (4.5 ⭐'s)

Bad Birdie had the highest overall score in almost all tested categories and finished with a total score of 4.5 stars in our tests.

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2nd: Lofty Llama (4 ⭐'s)

Lofty Llama's golf polos were well above average in almost every category tested and finished with an overall score of 4 stars.

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3rd: William Murray (3 ⭐'s)

William Murray golf polos were near the bottom of polos tested but still above par from the user's perspective.

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About the Golf Polo Reviews and Survey Process

All the golf polo reviews below are from independent golfers who were not paid or coerced to favor Lofty Llama over any of the other tested golf polo brands. We purchased and shipped golf polos from brands like William Murray Golf (Bill Murray Golf), Bad Birdie Golf, Proud90 Golf, Golf Gods, Hreski Golf, Loud Mouth Golf, Sunday Swagger, Tattoo Golf, and Kenny Flowers along with some of our own golf polo t-shirts to independent golfers around the country.

We asked each golfer to play rounds wearing Lofty Llama's golf polo and the other golf polo brands. We then asked the golfer to answer a series of questions about the quality of the golf polo, its value relative to price, and other important questions that we believe consumers want to know. 

We compiled all the surveys and subsequent information provided by the golfers below to showcase how Lofty Llama golf polos stack up against some of the bigger names in the golf polo industry.

If you'd like to participate in our study as an objective polo reviewer, please reach out to us at

  • Golf Polo Survey Explained
  • Lofty Llama vs Bad Birdie
  • Lofty Llama vs William Murray Golf

The Golf Polo Survey Explained

We asked our golf polo testers to answer 19 individual questions about each golf polo and upload relevant photos and videos. We also asked to track when the polos were ordered and when they arrived to measure how quickly each golf polo brand delivers. In addition to the 19 questions below and the shipment information, we collected pricing information (including sign-up discounts promoted on the website) as well as the cost and available shipping options. We did our best to ensure a completely organic and level playing field with our review process.

Why are we facilitating these reviews?

The obvious question you may be asking is "why would we want to do these reviews/surveys in the first place?" — the short answer is that we believe Lofty Llama has comparable quality at a fraction of the cost of our competition, and we wanted to put our money where our mouth is to see where we stacked up. We do not expect to have the nicest quality golf polos in the industry, but we also don't feel like our quality is 1/3 or half our competition (which is where our price is comparatively).

So, if independent reviewers compare Lofty Llama to these other golf polo brands priced $70, $80, $90+ per polo, and we can stay close to their overall ratings at our $39.99 price — we're showing you real and immediate value.

What questions did we ask?

Below are the main questions we asked related to each golf polo before, during, and after playing a round where it. Each answer has 

Pre-Round Questions

  • How does it fit?
  • How is the length?
  • How does it feel?
  • How is the print quality?

Mid-Round Questions

  • How was your range of motion while wearing this polo?
  • How did it feel while playing?
  • How did the polo handle the weather conditions?

Post-Round Questions

  • How did the polo hold up during the round?
  • How did the polo do after washing?
  • What is the most you would pay for this polo?
  • How many stars would you give this polo overall?

Strongly Agree-Disagree Questions

  • I felt comfortable playing in this polo.
  • I would wear this polo for a future round of golf.
  • I would buy this polo or others like it from this brand.
  • I believe the quality of this polo will last for several years..

Lofty Llama vs Other Golf Polo Brands (Summary Table)

How does Lofty Llama's golf polos for men compare to the competition? Here's a quick summary of the data that we've collected so far from our reviews.

Golf Polo Pricing Takeaways

  • Lofty Llama has the lowest total golf polo price (after shipping and discounts).
  • The total price of a Lofty Llama golf polo ($37.39) is $44.70 or 54.45% less than the average price of golf polos tested ($82.09).
  • William Murray's golf polos had the highest total price of $84.15 which was $46.76 more than Lofty Llama's polo.
  • Lofty Llama offers the largest standard discount (15% off) of all tested golf polo brands.

Bad Birdie vs Lofty Llama

How did Lofty Llama's golf polos compare with Bad Birdie's golf polos in our tests? Below are the highlights from our tests with Bad Birdie polos and Lofty Llama.

Bad Birdie vs Lofty Llama: Pricing Takeaways

  • Bad Birdie's listed price for its golf polo for men was $72 with a 10% off discount for new customers and $10 for shipping. After taxes and shipping, the total cost for the Bad Birdie polo purchased in our test was $80.04.
  • Lofty Llama's listed price for its golf polo for men was $39.99 with a 15% off discount for new customers and $3.39 for shipping. After taxes and shipping, the total cost for the Lofty Llama polo purchased in our test was $37.39.
  • The cost of a Lofty Llama golf polo was 63% less than the cost of the Bad Birdie polo. This came out to $42.65 difference which means you could purchase 2 Lofty Llama polos for less than 1 Bad Birdie golf polo.
  • Bad Birdie's $10 fee for shipping was much higher than any other shipping cost we saw in our tests. Lofty Llama's $3.39 shipping fee was the lowest tested.